Haircut Styles According To Face Shapes

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    Just as it is important to create a stylish and impressive clothing style for men, it is just as important to reveal the charismatic look by having the right hairstyle. Therefore, men behave very delicately in their haircuts. After finding a good hairdresser, details are given about the desired haircut. However, the shape of your face should be compatible with your hairstyle.

    In the past 5 years, Haircuts in men created a unique fashion.

    According to experts, the first rule of a haircut; It is through determining the shape of your face.

    Haircut According To Face Shapes

    hairstyle face shape
    Pattern of haircut according to face shapes

    Round Face Shape

    If you have a round face line, it would be a good choice to have your haircut short or to lay it back and you should avoid models that will increase your face width. However, it is natural not to look hot with hairstyles where the sides and top are left in equal lengths. Cuts where the tops are straightened and the tops are left in an upright position with an inclined will make the round face partially sharp.

    Square Face Shape

    If you have a square face, you can hide the imperfections of your face by growing your hair “butterfly” model. Also, you can opt for haircuts with short sides and slightly longer tops. You can grow a light beard with your hair.

    Rectangular Face Shape

    If you have rectangular facial features, you need to keep the sides of your hair short. Although it is long, it does not have a structure that disrupts the symmetrical appearance. Therefore, the only thing to watch out for here, The preferred type of haircut does not increase the length of the face perceptually. Also, you can cover your forehead by keeping the front of your hair long.

    Face shapes

    Triangular Face Shape

    If you have a triangular face, You should choose a short haircut on the sides and long on the top. You can keep your haircut longer if you wish. Short hair may not be suitable for the triangle pattern. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid very shortcuts. That it will nourish your hair-cut facial lines, consisting of bangs on your forehead. You should stay away from models that will focus your attention on your chin sharpness.

    Oval Face Shape

    If you have an oval haircut; Since there are many alternatives, you can choose the haircut you want. Haircuts in which the tops are kept long and gathered at the back. The sides are short may be the right decision for you. By keeping the back short, you will have created a style that fits the oval face. Forward and bang-shaped haircuts do not look good on oval faces.

    Diamond Face Shape

    If you have a diamond face type; high-volume haircuts will go well with the diamond face shape. You can give your hair freedom by leaving the upper parts messy. Also, Peaks can be left in an undulating position to the right or left.

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