Best Solution to Stop Hair Loss: The Best Ways To Solve

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    Hair loss in men is an important problem. Best solution to stop hair loss? Also, the situation is not as hopeless as you think! Getting help early in male-type hair loss, especially in the 16-40 age range, allows you to control hair loss. In this way, it is possible to increase the amount of hair by painless and non-surgical methods with no hair transplantation and to prevent hair loss in men.

    Best Solution to Stop Hair Loss
    Best Solution to Stop Hair Loss

    This file, which we have prepared in consultation with trichologist Evrim Bayraktar; one founder of the Academy Hair Therapy, an expert in Trichology; a branch of science that studies hair health problems: Sheds light on what you are interested in about male hair loss and treatment methods.

    What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

    In male-type hair loss, which 25% of men encounter by the age of 25 and 40% by the age of 40; the hair in the front and top of the head is weakened by shedding, while the hair on the side and neck is not affected by this condition. Then hair loss progresses due to genetic predisposition in 90% of men. Bayraktar, says: “The person is born with a genetic program that determines more innate, hair loss genes and the age of loss. Hair loss is more intense at the age of 16-30 years due to the effect of the genetic program, which becomes active mainly during the period of increased testosterone production after puberty.”

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    In male-type hair loss

    Genetic hair loss is actually part of a man’s maturation process. Bayraktar, a genetic predisposition for hair loss in men, testosterone is the hormone receptors of the hair shaft and the male hormone ‘dihydro-testosterone (DHT) that is based on the sensitivity to the basic reason including three says and adds: “hormone DHT; on the surface of the skin by testosterone, 5-alpha-reductase’ occurring because of the merger of the enzyme, a hormone that leads to genetic hair loss. Each hair shed under the influence of this hormone comes out weaker in the next stage and lives shorter. After a while, hair formation ends.”

    Best Solution to Stop Hair Loss

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    Can your hair loss be prevented?

    Best solution to stop hair loss. Hair loss, a side effect of a drug, weight-loss, poor diet, high-stress levels; such as the body rhythm may increase temporarily due to trigger factors that negatively affect some periods. At these times, a person can pay attention to nutrition and sleep; reduce hair loss with the support of a tonic or lotion that applies to the scalp. Also remains in the hair for a certain period. By an expert is a person’s hair care habits; nutrition, lifestyle programs specified by evaluating factors such as the family history of a personalized individual better and faster and more successful outcomes.

    “Applications that limit DHT formation can reduce and delay genetic hair loss. But there is not yet treatment that completely stops genetic hair loss.” Bayraktar says. Look at what is among the most effective treatment methods to control hair loss with genetic background and trigger new hair outflows.

    Mesotherapy For Hair Nutrition

    You can feed the hair by the mesothorax method. There were in misanthropy applications; the process of directly injecting keratolytic and stimulant-based components with vitamins, minerals; amino acids needed by the hair into the scalp. The target is to stimulate the hair follicles and help nourish the hair by increasing the metabolic rate of the hair for a certain period. During periods of increased hair loss, controlling hair loss may be preferred as a purposeful complementary treatment. The recommended frequency for the method. A specialist doctor should apply which, is 1 session per week?

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    Mesotherapy For Hair Nutrition

    PRP For Strengthening Hair Follicles (Platelet-rich plasma)

    In the PRP technique, it takes a certain amount of blood from a person’s body and a special process separates the blood fluid from its plasma. In this process, the goal is to decompose the platelet-rich part of the blood. Then the resulting platelets are returned to the hair area by injection. Thanks to the growth factors they contain, thrombosis help strengthen weakened hair follicles and slow down periodic losses. I recommend it to be administered by a specialist doctor every 2-3 weeks.

    Laser Therapy To Increase Hair Density

    Can they prevent your hair loss? Low-intensity cold Laser therapy, approved by the FDA; is a radiation therapy that applies to prevent hair loss and delay hair loss, with almost no side effects. Then in light-exposed hair tissues, cell metabolism is stimulated, and it speeds up blood circulation. In this way, the hair roots are better fed, protein synthesis in the hair cells is strengthened, promoting the development and growth of hair. Because of regular use for 4 months. There is an increase in hair thickening and hair loss and a decrease in hair loss. I applied it for 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

    Trichological Care Can Also Be The Solution

    For a personalized treatment program, you can get hair analysis, counselling. And trichological care support from clinical trichologists. At the same time trichological treatments, which can meet the hair root thanks to Nano-molecular technology with a cosmetic background, contain DHT suppressing agents and components that increase blood circulation on the surface of the skin. High permeable lotion treatments applied to we can apply the scalp with laser beam therapy and massage therapy sessions. 2 sessions a week for 4-6 months is enough.

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