How To Dress Well: 10 Golden Rules That All Men Should Learn

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    If you don’t know a person in life, the first time you see him, you characterize him by his outfit or style. That’s why people care about their foreign views. Although dressing beautifully in men fashion lookbook makes us attractive, there are also rules for attracting attention. Just as there are enough rules in life, dressing stylishly has its own rules.

    As far as dressing is concerned, the man or woman talks about their personal experience. No doubt, no matter who you are, you will be chosen by finger among people with the golden rules we will give.

    How To Dress Well: 10 Golden Rules That All Men Should Learn 1 – men wardrobe

    But good advice should never be advice. As menswear is richer and more diverse than ever, it is becoming more docile and trend-appropriate than ever. This, in turn, becomes a valuable icon in moments of doubt that are more fashionable and reduce confusion.
    These rules have been shaped by the change of periods in history. It has worked for generations, so today we have a community of people who pay attention to the rules. Rules tend to be in aspects such as compliance, high quality, good value, versatility, far from excess.

    There are certainly many other rules than what is offered here. You may even have discovered some of them yourself. After all, clothing is part of a person’s pleasure: trying on a new suit to see if it suits you, seeing how it feels in your emotions after you wear it, although it doesn’t break the rules, it takes shape around you. However, these rules have passed the test of time and today serve as a guide on how to dress well.

    Wear a suit that fits perfectly

    The key to making a suit look beautiful is that it’s fit. According to Davide Taub, head of bespoke suits at Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes, one of the key figures in men fashion, focus on sleeping on the shoulders because changing your chest and waist is a relatively easy task. 

    “If you’re not after a full period look, be careful about wearing period clothes. Because, in isolation, the outfit starts to look like a novelty.”

    He adds. The classic is the best and most useful – dark, two-button, Single-Breasted, with an emphasis on simplicity that doesn’t drown in the details. It’s not boring. The view here is to think of this outfit as a canvas to build different ideas of individuality around it. It’s not the label inside that’s impressive, it’s the way you wear it.

    Invest in time

    Clocks are like works of art. Attach the clock to value the time. Watches are personal. It shows your presence in time. Watches make you practical, aesthetic, functional in time. The watch you will use is suitable for the dress you will wear and can cope with bumps in the daily use of a solid watch.

    How To Dress Well: 10 Golden Rules That All Men Should Learn 2 – watches

    However, the watch you will use should make you feel comfortable and get the correct size according to your wrist. 40mm is considered the size of’ Goldilocks’. Whether it’s Rolex or a family export, a timeless watch will help you complete your look. You can use it in a smartwatch other than Analog watches. This, in turn, makes you a person who is more modern and cares about technology with time. The golden rules of men fashion lookbook would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about watches.

    Know what to wear when

    Not every man needs it just as he doesn’t have the money to devote to a model or designer wardrobe. Being a well-dressed man doesn’t necessarily mean being someone who dresses expensively. Here are a few key clothing investments that show you’re a man who knows how to dress well: a beautiful suit, a stylish watch, skinny-cut jeans and leather shoes. We know that not everyone invests in a high-end clothing room or closet. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good for your wallet. As suitable products change in men fashion lookbook, the classic wardrobe will stand the test of time.
    Every stylish man’s closet will show that the basic items stand firm. Save for pieces you know you’ll wear frequently. Allow yourself to splurge your money every once in a while for important situations.

    Add color to your style

    Although you look stylish when you wear casual and formal clothes, you are actually as normal as the people around you. Treat yourself to a little colour to remove mediocrity. “Most of the men are unfairly afraid of it, they’re afraid of something that’s not navy blue or grey,” says Oliver Spencer, the well-known designer of men fashion lookbook. You can look especially rakish if shades of colour are universally recommended as bright shades of pinks, greens and blue. But she adds that when it comes to colour, less is more: “you need a bit of it in a single garment.”You can be sure that the little touches you make will make you look more dynamic and vibrant. For example, if you use a hat that you will use a khaki colour or faded orange colour, you will present your difference.

    Wear Slim fit jeans

    Wearing the right jeans is another golden rule of dressing well. Narrow cut jeans are a universally guru-giving style for men’s pants. Your legs should not be wrapped or baggy like tight denim.
    It should fit perfectly on top of you without the need for a belt. It should feel comfortable thanks to the hips and thighs and fitfully on your legs. As you may need to change the length by your tailor, take the measurements carefully and make it sit on you. The length of the Trotters should be at ankle level and neither long nor short. Here’s the golden rule in menswear style that will make you look great.

    Choose shoes that fit your outfit

    We see that quality shoes always retain their place in men’s fashion. Among the golden rules that we give you, there would be no shoe advice. Instead of shoes that are uncomfortable and cheap with half the quality, choose a solid and useful, quality shoe that will go for years. Because the investment you will make will save money in your wallet, as it shows you better quality. A well-dressed men’s shoe collection should include leather oxfords, Chelsea boots and modern sneakers.

    How To Dress Well: 10 Golden Rules That All Men Should Learn 3 – men shoes wardrobe
    Choose shoes that fit your outfit

    Dress according to your body type

    Clothing that is not smooth or does not fit you can cause a false perception by people. Sometimes there’s nothing to be afraid of getting the wrong body. Male bodies can be of various sizes and shapes. Therefore, they cause changes in clothing. There is no rule that every clothing you try will look right for you, and not every brand will appeal to you. But you will find clothing that will fit your body in the style that suits you. Although it is a difficult job, it is a job that will take time. But no one knows better than you the body that suits you and the brand that you describe the most. So don’t give up on your preferences and we prefer you to dress in the body and brand style that goes best for you. If you want to change the style, Coolmensfashion has also written our editors for you. As a style consultant, we write and recommend styles you can also find it easily. Another rule that will make you look like an icon in men fashion lookbook is that you dress according to your body type.

    Be unique

    As you learn how to dress well, it’s important to stick to your personal style. Being original means being different from everyone else. Make you different and talk about your style. Your clothes should make you feel like your private property and reflect this feeling outside. It’s okay to break the rules from time to time, after the suggestions we’ve given .As you learn the art of dressing well, you will master it, you will start to create your own different style rules, and people will start to be inspired by you to become an icon.

    Be minimalism in your accessories

    Accessories such as ties, bow ties, belts and purses add colour and originality to your clothes. But we have to be careful where and when to use them. As clothes are our holster, we can call accessories the holster of clothes. The more we diversify accessories, the more confusion we cause. At the same time, we reduce their value. So we have to be careful that they are small and valuable. Having two colour options for an accessory is important to make it compatible with what you’re wearing and it will be best for you. In shirt and tie combinations, wear your tie or pocket square in a darker tone than your jacket. Stay away from extremism. “You just need an interest.” Wearing a suitable shirt button on each shirt will make you look more simple and minimal, rather than caring about diversity in shirt buttons. Choose quality glasses that are suitable for your face type and will not affect your eye health. You will have created you as a perception that you are a better quality personality.

    Pay attention to personal care

    So far we have given suggestions for your wardrobe. But the most important golden rule in men fashion lookbook is your inner ore. A well-groomed man is always in front. It can be effective in your appearance and self-confidence when you look in the mirror every morning. Your care routine, your personal choices can be complicated. Hygiene, smooth skin and well-groomed face you will be proud when you look at yourself. Hair, beards, facial care and making it routine will make you a hygiene man. A man’s makeup is his hair and beard. Not to mention your dental health. Your teeth will reveal your beauty. And finally, you must have a signature. So instead of various perfumes, choose to use a perfume that reflects you. Find a scent that smells like the man you want to be.

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