Modern Suit Tips Of 2021: How To Dress Well Modern Suit?

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    Discover tips on how to create your own style and capture modern styles with a classic suit. You need a few little tips to use the indispensable suits of every man who is an office worker in a more original and modern way. In this guide, tips that will show your modern suit, from which accessory to choose to how to use the parts.

    Tips To Dress The Modern Suit

    Choose The Simple Sock

    No matter what style you wear the suit, make sure that your skin is not visible through the sock. You should choose long socks so that they do not show the leg, especially when sitting down. This unwritten rule of wearing a suit is a detail that must surely be considered, no matter what your style.

    modern fit suit
    modern fit suit – Asos

    Complete The Suit With A T-Shirt

    The style of the shirt you will wear inside the suit is also definitely a criterion for capturing the modern look. But you can also combine a polo or bicycle collar T-shirt with a classic suit, or even capture a style that doesn’t get too far from the classic. Here, the key point in keeping the suit combination modern and stylish while being cool is the harmony of color and texture between the pieces. You should make sure that the T-shirt you will wear in a wool suit is thick, and the T-shirt you will choose in a linen suit is more finely textured.

    modern suit
    modern suit

    Give Loafers Or Sneakers A Chance

    The coolest suit combination detail of recent years is definitely loafer and sneaker shoes. You should be very careful with two points when using loafer and sneakers together, which certainly does not disrupt the serious posture of the suit, but also adds a cool style. First, the wrist length of the pants in the suit should not be long enough to touch the shoe, nor should it be short enough to go too far above the wrist. Another point is, of course, that the sock does not appear from inside the shoe. If you are going to complete your suit with sneaker shoes, try to choose patterned or white models so as not to take too much risk.

    modern suit
    modern suit

    Try Tight Collared Shirts

    If you want to use the suit by winking at hipster styles, be sure to pay attention to the collar detail of the shirt you will wear inside. Mini point collars, which are shorter and narrow in opening; if you want to differentiate even more, you can choose round Peter Pan collars into a suit. If you want to highlight the posture of the collar, you can choose not to wear a tie by taking a little risk.


    Differentiate Suit Colors

    A classic black or smoked color suit is one of the pieces that every man should have in his closet. But in this regard, you can also give a chance to different colors by going outside the box. Each season, different suits from the trend color palette of that era can also be found on the market. If you like to use different colors in your style, you can choose suits in colors that will reveal your skin undertone. In colorful suits, we recommend coral, water vest and light blue shades.

    Get The Wrist Length Of The Pants Up

    Wrist lengths that come into contact with the shoe or even fold are now old-fashioned. Whether you have a modern or classic style, be sure to adjust the wrist length of the pants a little above the shoe. Also, if you have overlooked the suits in your closet, ask your tailor to take them up to a cm. In this way, the posture of the suit will be different with a small renovation.

    Give Importance To The Choice Of Tie

    The detail that best shows the suit and style is undoubtedly the ties. If you want to make a suit look cooler, don’t think about the choice just by considering the color of the jacket. Choose from crowd patterns with more prominent lines, finer cut and attention-grabbing tie models.

    Patterned tie
    Patterned tie

    Try Shirt Lapel Pins

    Apart from using a tie or not, you have another option that will change the mood of the suit; lapel pins. Lapel pins worn on both collars of the shirt are one of the most guaranteed accessories you can choose for a cool suit style. Even by using this ambitious accessory with a narrow-cut fabric pants – even without a belt-you can capture the noble posture of the suit.

    D’s Damat
    D’s Damat

    Use Handkerchiefs That Match The Tie

    Most people don’t prefer to use a handkerchief in a suit, but a piece that shows itself on the collar definitely changes the posture a lot. If you want the same color as the tie, you can also use a handkerchief in another color or pattern that will capture harmony between the suit and the tie. The triangular folding method is obsolete in collar handkerchiefs. Our suggestion is to choose a handkerchief posture that shows itself from a thin edge parallel to the jacket pocket. The handkerchiefs on the collar of the suit will definitely change the mood of your suit in an effortless way.

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    Choose a vest that fits your suit

    Wearing a vest inside a suit is a risky detail. But if you choose a vest that fits exactly on your body and is neither baggy nor tight in the jacket, you will complete your suit in a more modern state.

    Don’t Miss The Accessory

    You shouldn’t see a suit as just a trio of pants, jackets and shirts. If you want a modern air capture, you should definitely get support from accessories. The handkerchief that we will use on the collar of the jacket, the watch on your wrist, the belt, shoes, or even the bag that you will take with you takes on a much more role than completing your suit.

    Custom sewing suit
    Custom sewing suit

    Choose The Fabric Of The Suit Well

    As well as the combination choices you make when using the suit, the fabric of the suit is an important factor. You can choose your suit according to the season and weight you will use. Cotton is the fabric that doesn’t take the most risks about the weather. But in cold weather, you should use your choice in favor of wool so that you can stay warm in a suit. When choosing suits on hot summer days, you will be much more comfortable if you choose from linen fabrics. If you are going to use it in a stylish invitation, you can choose a suit made of silk, velvet or cashmere fabric.

    men suit

    Learn The Rules Of Wearing A Sneaker In A Suit

    The suit is one of the most charismatic, demure and must-have pieces in a man’s wardrobe. The Association of the suit, which is one of the serious parts of menswear, with sneakers, which are the new trend today, softens its seriousness. Learn the relationship rules of a pair of suits and sneakers that have been popular for several seasons. You have to thoroughly research the best-selling sneakers brands and then choose the sneaker model that will fit your suit.

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