The Most Popular Mens Pants Trends in 2022

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    Every man has pieces in his wardrobe that are not missing. These are shirts, trousers, shoes, jackets, etc.
    I will tell you about the types of trousers that you do not want to be dec among these outfits. As you know, there are so many kinds of pants that a new pair of pants is trending every semester. Over time, even trousers that you don’t want to wear can become a trend. That’s why I’m going to share with you the most sought-after mens pants trends in 2022.

    I will show you how you can wear chino, cords, cargo pants, jean and many models of trousers, as well as which brands you can prefer.

    1. Chinos
    2. Corduroy Pants
    3. Drawstring Types of Trousers
    4. Wool Trousers
    5. Linen Trousers
    6. Cargo Pants
    7. joggers
    8. Jeans
    9. Sweatpants
    10. Pleated Trousers

    How To Wear Chinos

    If I’m told that there are no pants that do not lower their score among mens pants trends, I will undoubtedly say that they are chinos.

    Men’s pants trends, I will undoubtedly say that they are chinos.
    Chinos are undoubtedly the indispensable trouser style when it comes to men’s trousers. As versatile as they are fashionable, these pants are a must-have piece for every man.

    Not only are they ideal for casual looks, but they can also work with smart ensembles, making them great pants to have. However, finding the perfect chino pair can be difficult, especially for those who have been devoted to jeans for a long time. Here is our guide to wearing the perfect chinos in style.

    How To Dress

    Colour and harmony are important. Try Chinos and review the simple elegance they add to you. It will work well for you if it is neither too tight nor too abundant. The fitting polo neck t-shirt and a shirt, which will aesthetically enhance your elegance, will complement your style.

    Opt for woven belts for finishing touch that will complement your style. Chinos should never be too long. It will look sharp, not wrinkled, and you should have an elegant legs. Because one of the few tips that make chinos stand out is sharp trotters. By the way, when doing decoupage, consider the dress code and the season.

    It is extremely easy to style chinos. For a more comfortable aesthetic appearance, give preference to chambray and linen shirts tucked into thin chinos for sunny days. It can be preferred in a light T-shirt or polo t-shirts. For a dresser wearing chinos, opt for blazer jackets in contrasting colours to enhance the look. Also, make personal touches to get a more subtle look.

    mens chinos pants
    NOAH: Pleat Chino
    chinos pants for men zara
    ZARA: Skinny Chino Pants
    The Most Popular Mens Pants Trends in 2022 1 – drakes
    DRAKES: Linen Chino Pants
    chinos pants for men
    ALEX MİLL: Pleat Chino

    How To Wear Corduroy Pants

    Cords trousers, which are a kind that we can list among the mens pants trends that time has not decayed and which remain a little popular today, are still preferred. Bring back the classics with a super nice pair of cords. Corduroy is a style of trousers that continued its popularity of the 70s and still offers a stylish alternative to regular trousers. Recognizing its fabric is quite simple.

    Strands of yarn are twisted or woven together. We recommend that these pants are not worn in the summer unless you want to get burned. If you prefer it in cold weather, you will have successful protection of your legs from the cold.

    If you are ready to dare and make the classic design proud, then prefer to combine these bottoms with buttons, sweaters or blazers. They also look great in a casual setting, so you should wear them along with a T-shirt, baggy sweatshirt and sneakers.

    How To Dress

    Colour harmony is important in velvet trousers. Its most popular colours are dark brown and mustard yellow. Our suggestion would be these two colours. Black is also preferable. It will make you look more modern and simple. When wearing corduroy trousers, wear them loose and comfortable.

    If you are looking for a classic style of clothing, you will travel back in time to the 70s with a velvet jacket on top. Of course, I suggest you get a comfortable and smart look with sneakers and a baggy T-shirt in white or a colour you like.

    corduroy pants for men
    ALEX MİLL: Corduroy Pants
    corduroy pants for men
    NOAH: Grey Corduroy Pants
    corduroy pants for men
    ZARA: Corduroy Pants
    corduroy pants for men
    JREW: Brown Corduroy Pant

    Drawstring Types of Trousers

    Drawstring pants are a type of pants that have a lacing system instead of a belt at the most basic level and allow the pants to sit on you thanks to this lacing. Of course, among its most important features is dec comfort.

    He doesn’t have a problem adjusting the belt or anything like other pants. He can wear it quite easily, like a regular tracksuit. That’s why these pants are quite far from official. That is why it is more convenient to wear it in everyday life.
    There was a time when we agreed that it would not be appropriate to wear pants with a rubber waist and a drawstring daily. It is one of the rare pieces that has always existed but which we add to our lives later.

    Things have changed now, people want to dress decently not only at home but also outside, so if you are looking for a style between a tracksuit and trousers, drawstring trousers will be the perfect kaftan for you.

    Drawstring pants, they are comfortable, but smart; they are comfortable, but also stylish and, above all, have an infinitely versatile style. Here, we discover some important variations of a very modern style of men’s clothing and take a look at some brands that will deserve the money you earn.

    Types of drawstring trousers

    1. Smart joggers
    2. Drawstring Chinos
    3. Linen Drawstring Trousers
    4. Drawstring Cargos

    There is more than one way to wear a pair of drawstring pants. From joggers that you can wear in the office to fashion-friendly cargo pants or chinos – these are the basic styles that should be on your radar.

    Smart Joggers

    As if you wish there were pants that we could wear as comfortably as tracksuits in business life. Then smart joggers are exactly the style you are looking for. An excellent style awaits you, which you will combine with a white T-shirt and sneakers. No need to hurry, we will help you with many more styles.

    smart jogger for men
    ZARA: Samart Knit Joggers
    Drawstring Chinos

    Smart-casual may be a difficult concept to grasp, but we can make it much easier. I suggest you catch a smart spy with a drawstring chino. Drawstring chinos offer all the advantages of traditional ready-to-wear, but with a more comfortable feel, making them an excellent everyday option.

    On weekends, try combining it with a light jacket, T-shirt and comfortable sneakers. Wear it with a blazer and Oxford shirt that will prepare you for a look that can take you directly from business to dinner. Drawstring chinos, which you will adapt with many ideas, maybe your choice.

    drawstring chinos for men
    TOMMY HILFIGER: Drawstring Chino Pants
    Linen Drawstring Trousers

    Are you looking for modern and comfortable clothing, I have the pants for you. Linen Drawstring trousers are a unique material that will provide you with a classic and at the same time comfortable look.

    If you think it’s time to be different from everyone else, try it and make sure it looks stylish on you. Otherwise, you’ll look like part of a Halloween costume. I am sure that if you combine a white T-shirt with a light green colour or a grey colour, you will get a timeless look.

    linen drawstring pants for men
    JREW: Linen Drawstring
    Drawstring Cargos Pants

    Cargo trousers are a unique style of trousers in street style, although they are adapted to our lives later. If you want to have a piece that will add colour to your style with Cargo pants with a drawstring, it is also worth trying. These trousers, which stand out for being both practical and comfortable, are a piece that highlights your style regardless of the season.

    drawstring cargo pants for men
    ZARA: Drawstring Cargo Pants

    How To Wear Wool Trousers

    When we list the mens pants trends in winter, we can put woolen trousers at the top of the list.

    Wool trousers, as you can understand, are trousers made of wool fabric. Such trousers will not be bright due to their fabric and may have a wavy appearance. Wool trousers are quite easy to use in terms of handling, they do not get dirty quickly and do not wrinkle.
    The most important feature of these pants is that they will keep you warm as you can imagine. That is why it will be more convenient for you to choose these pants in the winter.

    At the same time, it is worth knowing that woollen trousers are very versatile trousers. They can keep up with many outfits and environments. This, in turn, will allow you to give preference to this type of trousers.

    How To Dress

    As it is usually preferred in winter, you will get a classic look with a simple jacket and Chelsea boots on you. You can also show yourself with a timeless style in winter with a white polo neck T-shirt or an oversized T-shirt.

    wool trousers for men
     Marks and Spencer: Wool Trousers
    wool trousers for men
    MRPORTER: Slim Fit Virgin wool Trousers
    wool trousers for men
    TODDSYNDER: Wool Suit Pants
    wool trousers for men
    UNIQLO: Wool Jersey Blend Pants

    How To Wear Linen Trousers

    We know that linen trousers are the most common item in everyone’s wardrobe. That dec why we have included it among the mens pants trends. Linen trousers, as you can see from the name, are a type of trousers that are made of linen fabric.

    The most important feature of this type of trousers is that it is a unique type of trousers for the summer due to the fabric from which it is made.
    This type of trousers, which is quite stylish and aesthetic in terms of appearance, is a very high-quality and necessary type of trousers in terms of being able to be combined with many clothes and keeping the person quite cool in the summer.

    The definition of linen trousers is briefly as follows. Now I would like to talk in-depth about the features of linen trousers and tell you why you should have one linen trousers.
    One of the most important characteristics of linen trousers is their longevity. It’s said to be 30% more durable than cotton fabric. After a few years, your cotton shirt or trousers may begin to show signs of wear and even discolouration.

    How To Dress

    Since it is more preferred in summer, sneakers and a T-shirt can be worn under it, choosing a colour that can be compatible. He will even give you a classic look with a blazer jacket and will not grin at all.

    linen trousers for men
    COSSTORES: Linen Trousers
    linen trousers for men
    MRPORTER: Linen Trousers
    linen trousers for men
    TODDSYNDER: Linen Pants
    linen trousers for men
    ZARA: Linen Trousers

    How To Wear Cargo Pants  

    Cargo Pants, as you can see in the image, are multi-pocket trousers at the most basic level. Normally, there are 4 pockets in one pant (for example, jeans), while the number of these pockets in cargo pants can increase to 6, and in terms of appearance, the first place of attention of these pants is their wide, large pockets.

    Speaking briefly about the history of these pants, these pants, like chino pants, appeared during the war and were first used by soldiers.

    As a matter of fact, the design purpose of these pants is that soldiers can easily access vehicles such as maps, first aid supplies, which as a result of the transportation of these vehicles from one region to another in a comfortable way thanks to these pants, these pants received the name cargo pants.

    Dec it is slightly backward trousers in terms of aesthetics, I think it is among the most advanced trousers in terms of functionality. As a matter of fact, thanks to its wide and large pockets, you can carry many of your materials with you, or if you are doing research and collecting something, then cargo pants are just the pants you are looking for.

    Model: @raaz_adnan

    How To Dress

    If we are going to answer the question of how to dress, my first suggestion would be to dress oversized. These pants, which are already comfortable with their structure, also have a sports appearance. That’s why a great style will turn out when combined with an oversized T-shirt and sneakers.

    cargo pants for men
    COSSTORES: Cargo Pants
    cargo pants for men
    MRPORTER: Cargo Pants
    cargo pants for men
    TODDSYNDER: Cargo Pants
    The Most Popular Mens Pants Trends in 2022 2 – zara cargo 1
    ZARA: Cargo Pants

    How To Wear Joggers Pants

    As you have seen in the image, jogger pants are the most basic level of tracksuit pants, and this type of pants is already often confused with tracksuit bottoms. But there is an important difference between them, dec is that jogger pants are made of thin, lightweight material to make it easier for your legs to breathe.

    But tracksuit bottoms are designed to be thicker and keep you warmer. At the same time, jogger pants have a wider range of colours than tracksuit bottoms. Dec is one of the differences between them.
    Jogger pants continue to attract people’s attention every dec, as they have their own unique style and are among the mens pants trends.

    How To Dress

    Jogger pants are pants that are made for comfortable wearing. Of course, one of the best and most comfortable pieces of outerwear that you can combine so as not to spoil the purpose of these trousers is T-shirts. In this kind of combination, make sure that the ankles of your T-shirt and jogger pants fit snugly.

    At the same time, as a combined shoe of this style, give preference to one of the sneaker models. This will make your look completely sporty.
    The jogger pants sweatshirt combination is no different from the jogger pants T-shirt combination. As a matter of fact, both of them offer you a sporty look on the main theme. But, of course, as you know, sweatshirts are not top pieces of clothing to be worn in the summer.

    That’s why you can create a combination of a sweatshirt and jogging pants in autumn or spring. The combination of shirt and Jogger pants can be an ideal alternative for your smart casual clothing style. In this way, you get a semi-formal look together with a combo while at the same time catching a sporty look.

    jogger pants for men
    COSSTORES: Joggers Pants
    jogger pants for men
    TODDSYNDER: Joggers Pants
    jogger pants for men
    VUORI: Joggers Pants
    jogger pants for men
    ZARA: Joggers Pants

    How To Wear Jeans

    Jeans are one of the indispensable decollete items of our everyday life. So much so that thanks to both its functionality, versatility and elegance, we all have one pair of jeans pants in our wardrobe, and the vast majority of people prefer to wear jeans during the day.
    So how are jeans combinations that are so often preferred, that everyone has more than one in their wardrobe, made for men? What to wear on jeans from a male point of view? Let’s answer these questions together.

    How To Dress

    The first thing I will recommend to you is the jeans combination model; the jeans blazer jacket is the combination model.

    Firstly, the main reason why I chose this combination model is that the blazer jacket and jeans fit quite stylishly and the blazer jacket will add a little formality to you. If you want a smart casual look, that is, a slightly formal look, rather than a casual (casual) look in your life with jeans, then you can create a blazer jacket combination with jeans. In this way, as a combined shoe, you can choose a classic-style shoes.

    black jeans for men
    MRPORTER: Black Jeans
    jeans for men
    PULLBEAR: Skinny Jeans
    jeans for men
    TODDSYNDER: Skinny Jeans
    zara jeans for men
    ZARA: Croped Skinny Jeans

    How To Wear Sweatpants

    Sweatpants are distinguished by the fact that they are heavier, more diaphoretic and designed for cold weather. Joggers are more preferred in summer, while Sweatpants are usually preferred in winter. As everyone knows, it is difficult to dress up in the transitional months when it comes to the wardrobe, but sweatpants can save you in the transitional months. It is comfortable and gloomy, perfect for keeping the cold at bay.

    How To Dress

    When combined with a light jacket and sneakers, you will both save you from the cold in the city and get a sporty and comfortable style. We advise you to give preference to tracksuits of classic (grey, navy or black) colours and a suit with a tight-fitting T-shirt and a sporty windbreaker, puffer jacket.

    sweatpants for men
    MRPORTER: Sweatpants
    black sweatpants for men
    PULLBEAR: Sweatpants
    black skin sweatpants for men
    TODDSYNDER: Sweatpants
    Navy blue sweatpants for men
    UNIQLO: Sweatpants

    How To Wear Pleated Trousers

    While they prefer pleated trousers in men’s fashion, they should wear them and try them on to see if they fit their bodies. If you have a weak and October posture, such as a stapler, it will additionally suit you if you are tall. The number of pants’ batteries starts from a single pleated and can be up to 15 pleated.

    As the number of pleated increases, the salwar kameez model gains its appearance. Single-pleated or double-pleated trousers are the most commonly used in business fashion in men’s clothing. They are preferable for a more classic and formal look. According to the length of the men’s legs, you can extend the pleated length with an iron.

    If the trousers are pleated, it means that they are wide at the same time. It causes overweight men to be perceived as more overweight. If the number of pleated is odd, both overweight and thin men can use it. It gives a fit image to a single pleated. Pleats are placed in an equal number of decoupage parts on both sides between the trouser pocket and the zipper of the trousers. Pleated trousers can also be preferred with suits and sportswear.

    How To Dress

    To be able to use pleated trousers in street fashion in a sporty style, you can opt for sneakers, Chelsea boots and a plain T-shirt. On special occasions, you can get a business casual look with a blazer jacket. In high-waisted pleated trousers, the sweater is tucked into the trousers to reveal the weakness of your waist, the belt is worn and the pants’ legs are curled up a little. With this clothing, you will have a modern and youthful image.

    green pleated trousers for men
    CROSSTORES: Pleated Trousers
    pleated trousers for men
    MRPORTER: Pleated Trousers
    white pleated trousers for men
    TODDSYNDER: Pleated Trousers
    pleated chino trousers for men
    ZARA: Pleated Chino Trousers

    We have presented to you the most sought-after men’s trousers of 2022. If you like your article, you can also read the related contents. Don’t forget to subscribe to follow us closely. We sincerely wish you a healthy and peaceful day.

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