How to Wear Chambray Shirt For Men: Best Shirt Guide in 2022

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    Do you want to apply the rules of attention especially in classical clothing?

    One of the most delicate issues in shopping for men is the choice of shirt. Can you choose a shirt suitable for suits that will be worn according to both your size, fashion, and location? In this article, we will consider this issue in the best way, and at the very end of the article, I will also tell you about the type of chambray shirt. The most important question that we will touch on is this: how to wear chambray shirt for men?

    By writing down the brands of the sample models at thFe end of the article, you will be able to easily access your shirts.

    Which is the classic shirt?

    Those whose collar is suitable for use with a tie (preferably underwire), whose fabric is usually cotton, whose colours are plain or white with stripes, plaids or self-patterns, are called classic shirts.

    How do you choose the right fabric?

    When buying shirts, it is useful to choose 100% cotton fabrics. Since cotton is a natural fibre, it allows the skin to breathe. If the fabric of the shirt is not only cotton but mixed, you should be careful not to exceed one-third of the synthetic ratio. While heavier cotton fabrics can be worn in winter, light cotton fabrics can be worn in summer, as well as cotton mixed with linen and silk fabric mixed with cotton.

    If you want a classic shirt, you will not give up on the cotton fabric. The quality of cotton fabrics is evaluated according to their yarn counts. An increase in the yarn count indicates finer fibres of higher quality.

    When buying a classic shirt…

    If you are trying on a new collar or pattern, you should not buy it without proofing. When you close your collar button, there should be enough space for a finger to fit between your neck and the shirt. The shirt fabric should neither overwhelm the body nor protrude too much from the trousers.

    You should rehearse your shirt by wearing a jacket on it. You should be careful that the pleats on the back are not excessive, and the shirt fabric in front of the jacket does not gather more than necessary. The shirt collar should protrude 1.5 centimetres from the jacket collar and the shirt cuff should protrude from the jacket sleeve.

    Is the collar suitable for you?

    When deciding on the collar, you should take care that it is suitable for your face shape and neck. Those with long and thin necks should prefer thick and wide collars with collar belts that will make their necks appear shorter. On the contrary, those with short necks should choose collars that are as small as possible with a thin collar belt.

    A long and narrow collar is more suitable for a thin face, while a medium-thickness collar with open ends is more suitable for a wide face. If you are going to an important meeting in the daytime or for an invitation after 16.00, definitely do not wear a button-down collar shirt. Classic shirts are necessarily sized in inches according to the neck circumference. Sizes like 40, 41, 42 or 1,2, 3, 4 or S, M, L are used in sports shirts.

    Classic shirts must be worn with a tie. In classic shirts, the top button should never be opened. Short-sleeved shirts can only be preferred for sportswear and without a tie. Contrast colour stitching is not used in classic shirts. Threads should match the colour of the fabric. People whose collar size, arm length or size do not meet the standards should place a special order.

    Are the colours compatible?

    The harmony of the shirt in the outfit and the colour balance is very important. For example, you should choose a pastel-coloured shirt with a pastel-coloured jacket, trousers and tie. It should be in harmony with the shirt, jacket or tie. When using solid-coloured jackets, you should pay more attention to the shirt-tie match.

    If you are not sure of the colour balance with patterned jackets, use plain or self-striped shirts. You should not choose very bright and strong colours in classic clothing. Shirts to be used in invitations are usually white or cream. Such shirts can be plain or self-patterned. Usually, the placket where the button is fastened is absent or hidden, so the buttons are not visible. No mobile use. Double-layered cuffs for use with cufflinks add elegance.

    How are the cuffs used?

    The normal cuff usually uses one or two buttons. If there are two buttons, one is selected according to wrist thickness. Double cuffs should be preferred with cufflinks. A button-down collar shirt can never be double-cuffed and cannot be worn with a cufflink. On the upper part of the cuffs, there is usually another button and buttonhole in the opening near the elbow.

    The function of this button is only when washing hands, to allow the cuffs to be folded up to prevent them from getting wet. In normal use, this button should always be buttoned.

    Do you want to process?

    In classic shirts, if desired, the initials of the person can be embroidered on the cuff, pocket or under the left chest if the shirt has no pockets. The embroidery can be the same colour as the shirt fabric or a shade darker.

    Which button?

    The genuine mother-of-pearl button in classic shirts shows the quality of the shirt. In addition, one of the most important elements that show the quality of the fabric and the shirt is sewing. The tighter the needle stroke per centimetre and the closer the seams around the collar are to the edge, the better the stitch quality.

    Shirt care

    When the cotton fabric is washed in the machine, and especially in the centrifuge, it shrinks at a certain rate and the fabric wears out. To prevent this, it is best to wash the shirts by hand. However, if you need to wash it in the machine due to lack of time, you should be careful that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees and you should not wring it.

    The shirt should be hung upside down while the juices are flowing. If the underwires used on the collars can come off, they should be removed before washing and put back on after the shirt is ironed. Shirts should be ironed when damp, not waiting for them to dry completely. You should not iron on shirt buttons. It not only causes damage to the buttons but also causes the button thread to wear out and break in a short time.


    When deciding on the collar, you should take care that it is suitable for your face shape and neck. Those with long and thin necks should prefer thick and wide collars with collar belts that will make their necks appear shorter. On the contrary, those with short necks should choose collars that are as small as possible with a thin collar belt.

    In the light of this information we have given about shirts, I will talk about the “Chambery shirt” that we can wear in every moment of our lives and that will suit us very well.

    Chambray Shirts For Men

    The Chambray shirt mens is an American classic that has stood the test of time with its durability, casual ease, and rugged-chic look. For hundreds of years, the chambray shirt has been a worker’s shirt – it originated from the term “blue-collar”. The shirt has since gone through with popularity for outdoor workers only and the metrosexual, Portlandia look. The lumbersexual style of the last few years, the “chambray shirt” is now in the wardrobes of the most fashionable men.

    You may be wondering what exactly is the difference between a chambray shirt and a denim shirt. It makes little difference, except that denim shirts tend to have a twill weave that makes them thicker, chambray has the look of your favourite denim with a much lighter fabric (and usually a lighter colour).

    Whether you prefer a denim tee or a Chambray tee, there are several reasons why people think American classic brands and clothing styles are experiencing a huge rise in popularity. Whether it’s the general reaction to a simpler time in American history or just the ever-loved rugged-looking men who hit the mark of nostalgia, the chambray shirt looks great on any man.

    Guys can go for a full denim look with a bit of country and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll, or use the chambray shirt as a comfortable base layer to dress up their sharp blazer for premium business style goals. There’s no way you can’t fail to sport the classic chambray shirt. Trust us – if you don’t have it, now is the time.

    1)Bonobos Chambray Shirt

    The worker shirt gets a 9-by-5 ​​glow in navy that’s perfect for pairing with your darker trousers. The casual shirt looks modern and stylish for daily grinding in a slim or regular fit, and you can even choose the shirt length that works best for you. Start with this colour and you can sport a variety of indigo colours and a few shades of grey if you are a fan.

    2)Folk Patchwork Cotton and Linen Blended Chambray Shirt

    This fashion-forward garment on the Chambray jersey has just the right amount of detail with clean patchwork play. If an effortlessly cool look is what you want for your fall style, look no further than this option.

    3)Crew West Chambray Shirt

    With the western trend dominating the menswear runways this season, there’s never been a better time to add a stylish chambray shirt to your wardrobe. If that’s not your first two steps with a chambray shirt, elevate your style with this Western option with pocket details for a chic look (without the cowboy hat).

    4) Frame Lost Pocket Shirt

    The Frame gives their chambray an interesting twist to the shirt’s working roots that feel authentic. With a missing chest pocket that leaves a darker blue hue, it’s a small detail that makes a big impact on your casually cool look.

    Frame Lost Pocket Shirt

    5) Selected Homme Mandarin Collar Chambray Shirt

    If you already own a denim or cotton shirt, step out of your comfort zone with your tangerine collar style this season. It offers a fresh, youthful update on the classic shirt style without looking wild. It is a fairly low-risk purchase for a reasonable price.

    Selected Homme Mandarin Collar Chambray Shirt

    6)Untuckit Casablanca Gray Bordered Chambray Shirt

    While it’s easy to wear any button-down shirt that’s taken off, one brand was genius at creating the perfect shirt length so a man could rock it without looking sloppy, in a way that would rock the image. Untuckit’s Chambray shirt is perfect for men who prefer short lengths to avoid looking messy. It’s also available in sizes up to 3XL so that all men don’t get untied.

     7)Style & Soda Amsterdam Blauw Pocket Square Chambray Shirt

    Although you already know that a pocket square is an easy way to dress up any blazer in maximum chic style, you probably haven’t seen such a cool chambray shirt with a built-in pocket square. Scotch & Soda keeps your rugged look within easy reach AF with this little pocket detail that will seriously impress everyone.

    8)Tod’s Grandpa Collar Striped Chambray Shirt

    The chambray shirt is luxurious with tonal vertical stripes and a grandpa collar from Tods. Made in Italy cotton worker’s shirt looks elegant enough for a night out on the town. Put on the ritz with this stylish option and then consider the hefty price tag.



    This Reiss shirt has an economy of plan that makes a fresh start for the wearer to infuse their style. Wear with a suit, overcoat, chinos or trunks. This is an exceptional high road brand at its best.

    chambray shirt mens light blue


    As you would anticipate from the renowned denim brand, Levi’s chambray shirt is a tad country and a smidgen rock ‘n roll. It’s additionally made with a premium chambray that will age flawlessly.

    Levi's chambray jacket
    Levi’s Chambray Shirt

    J. Crew

    This is the exemplary workwear style shirt that has been drifting around the menswear scene for the last century or thereabouts. Its flexibility – and reasonableness – has barely dwindled: today the twin chest pockets are great for putting away shades and a wallet, rather than the devices of days of old.


    Made in Somerset with premium unadulterated cotton chambray, this present Drake’s shirt flaunts its particular long traditional neckline and a simple cut. It is extraordinarily worn nonchalantly or all the more officially and will turn into a moment top choice.


    A contemporary interpretation of the chambray shirt that beholds back to labourer styles of many years passed by, this Shafts In addition to model highlights short sleeves, a traditional neckline and a half placket, making it the ideal option in contrast to a late spring polo shirt.

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