5 Most Effective Shoulder Exercises at Home

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    Shoulders are the sine qua non of an attractive and muscular body. Proper and effective upper body movements are also directly proportional to the strength and flexibility of your shoulders. Thinking that you may need it in this case, we have compiled for you 5 effective shoulder exercises that you will love very much and will guide you to a good body.

    Let’s say from the beginning that muscle movement is not as easy as thought for the shoulder area, which will affect your posture and charisma and is the most important area of the body that attracts attention at first glance Nov. Especially as a region neglected by beginners in bodybuilding, shoulder muscle movement can easily distract those who want to have a more challenging and fit body than arm and chest muscle work. The reason for this is that we hold our arms above our head while making movements that will work our shoulder muscles, and we can say that we are seriously pushing our joints, especially.

    Accordingly, before making effective shoulder exercises, let’s underline once again to start exercising with very good warm-up movements. If you apply the 5 effective shoulder exercises that we will list below, especially without making warm-up movements that focus on your shoulder area, you may experience serious injuries.

    5 Most Effective Shoulder Exercises Movements

    In order to avoid unwanted situations such as shoulder bones becoming obvious, shoulders looking like hooks and looking too thin when you look at the side profile, we can list 5 effective shoulder exercises that you may want to include in your bodybuilding program as follows;

    1. Dumbbell Front Raise (Front Dumbbell Lift)
    2. Front Barbell Lift (Barbell Front Raises)
    3. Front Press Exercises
    4. Press Back Exercises
    5. Lateral Raises Exercise (Side Lateral Raises)

    1- Dumbbell Front Raise (Front Dumbbell Lift)

    Especially if you are doing this movement for the first time, which will work your front and side shoulder muscles, we recommend using 3 kilogram dumbbells and move on to the movement;

    Effective Shoulder Exercises

    Spread your feet so that they do not exceed shoulder width. You can keep dumbbells on your side areas on your calves. You need to take a deep breath before you move. And start lifting the dumbbells parallel with your breath. Repeat the movement in the number and performance of your bodybuilding program, not forgetting that you need to exhale when lifting dumbbells. The detail you need to pay attention to when making this movement is that you should lift the dumbbells to your shoulder level and feel your shoulders forced.

    Front Dumbbell Lift

    2- Front Barbell Lift (Barbell Front Raises)

    This movement has two differences from the front dumbbell lifting movement; first, it is important that the tool we use is a dumbbell or bar. The second is much more functional. It is possible to develop the front and middle shoulder muscles and the back shoulder muscles when this movement is done with dumbbells, while it is possible to develop the front and middle shoulder muscles when it is done with dumbbells.

    Construction of the movement;

    Spread your feet slightly. Keep the barbell or bar on your calf. After a deep breath, lift the barbell or bar to your head level. You must have noticed that you are transitioning from a dumbbell that you lift to shoulder level to a more challenging movement. Let’s remind you again that you need to exhale when you lift the barbell. Repeat the movement according to your schedule and performance.

    Barbell Front Raises

    3- Front Press Exercises

    This movement, which you can see an effective benefit from when you do it regularly, is not enough to work out your front and side shoulder muscles, it also offers the opportunity to exercise to help you develop your arm muscles. Let’s move on to the fact that you can make this movement by sitting or standing;

    Construction of the movement;

    Sit with your back upright and grasp the barbell from the inside by opening your hands so that they pass very slightly shoulder-width apart. Let this be your starting position, and immediately after breathing, lower the bar or barbell to your chest. Make this movement very slowly and give yourself a waiting time and evaluate this time by breathing correctly. Then, by breathing, keep the bar or barbell at chest level. Lift it up so that it crosses the line of your head, making sure that the bar or barbell you use is upright and without bending your waist. Remember that you need to do this movement by exhaling.

    Front Press Exercises

    4- Back-Press Exercises

    This movement is the version of the previous Front Press movement made at the rear level of the neck. This movement, which will work and develop your middle and back shoulder muscles, also allows you to work your back arm muscles.

    Construction of the Back-Press movement, one of the most effective upper body movements;

    Let’s say from the beginning that they did not perform this movement on the chest. First, it is useful to stand your back upright when you make this movement, which is effective shoulder exercises made by the nape. After sitting with your back upright, open your hands so that they pass slightly shoulder-width apart and grasp the barbell from the inside. Keep the barbell or bar at the nape level and hold it there for a while, paying attention to your breath controls. Lift the barbell you hold in an upright position so that it crosses the line of your head, without bending your waist. Don’t forget to exhale when you make the movement that forces you!

    Back Press Exercises

    5- Lateral Raises Exercises (Side Lateral Raises)

    Did you know that this magnificent movement, which allows our trapezoidal muscles to develop in our shoulder that connects to our neck, especially triggers the front and middle shoulder muscles and is the most preferred exercise in shoulder development movement programs?

    Construction of the movement;

    When doing this movement, stand and open your feet shoulder-width apart. Don’t forget to take dumbbells in both hands. And now take a deep breath. Raise your arms sideways, up to shoulder level, and exhale as you lift the dumbbells up. Repeat the movement according to your bodybuilding level.

    Before making your shoulder exercises, it is useful to recognize your shoulder muscles and shoulder structure. We can examine a muscle group comprising three groups in three parts: the front shoulder, back shoulder, side or middle shoulder. Nov. Knowing which exercise triggers and develops which muscle group allows you to achieve a more efficient result with effective shoulder exercises you will do Nov. By the way, you can activate your shoulder muscles not only with dumbbells, dumbbells, or any tool such as a bar but also with no tools. The most important of these movements is Push-up (push-ups as we know them) and V-Push-up (shoulder push-ups).

    Side Lateral Raises

    You can also support your bodybuilding program with these two practical shoulder expansion movements that you can do at home:

    Push ups (Exam exercises)

    Push-ups, the most basic movement that can work both the chest area and the front shoulder area, can be found in the video below:

    Perfect Push – Ups-do it right!

    V-Push Up (Shoulder Push-Ups)

    Once we get used to the correctly positioned push-up movement, we can take another action that will work the shoulder muscles more. In contrast to push-ups, the main purpose of which is to develop chest muscles, let’s note that the main purpose of shoulder push-ups is to develop shoulder muscles.

    Construction of the movement;

    Unlike the normal push-up movement, where the waist and legs stand like a straight bar, your waist and legs should stand in a “V” shape. (It takes its name from the act made.) By lifting your hip up, which is important in this movement, you can turn your body’s centre of gravity closer to the head part into a simple exercise focused directly on the shoulder area.

    Diamond Push-Up

    A good sportsman should never give up, should he? Although you have a fairly solid chest muscle and tight arms, shoulders that can look thin and repulsive do not create a pleasant image. You can also start working right now with the movements we examine in our article. It is quite easy to get rid of this image with the shoulder expansion movement that you can do with both tooled and toolless alternatives. For the same reason, in a good bodybuilding program, we can say that the effective shoulder exercises movement must necessarily be. That’s how easy it is to get the look you dream of with proper nutrition and regular sports!

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